Foz do Iguaçu

by radek

Parque das Aves

A beautiful day trip in the Bird Park of Foz do Iguaçu. The largest bird park in Latin America. The amazing spot is located beside the Iguassu National Park.



Once you have bought the entry ticket (starting at 13$) you can enjoy a full afternoon  exploring all kinds of exotic birds.


In the park you will be able to see more than 1,320 birds from about 150 different species. It provides the best habitat for these animals. There are 16.5 hectares (40 acres) of lush Atlantic rain-forest maintained.

Once you are inside you can explore it at your own pace and take as many pictures as you want.

Found this cute little bird on the way, it is really one of a kind

We couldn’t take our eyes of each other…


If you get hungry, there is a nice restaurant just by the entrance and exit of the Park, waiting for the food to arrive.


Toco toucan is the largest bird of its kind, it can only be found in South America.  Apparently the research has shown that one function is as a surface area for heat exchange. The bill has the ability to modify blood flow and so regulate heat distribution in the bird, allowing it to use its bill as a thermal radiator.

It was a real pleasure to take a picture with it.


The long bill is useful for reaching things that otherwise would be out-of-reach. The toco toucan eats fruit using its bill to pluck them from trees, but also insects, frogs, small reptiles, small birds and their eggs and nestlings. It looks happy and full now. I am guessing they are taking a good care of it in the Park.


This Ara was kind of scary. It was ready to attack as soon as I moved.

Aras are kept in a separate area. This part is secured with the stronger fence.

These Aras are trained specifically for the tourist pictures

I preferred not to take them on my arms, especially considering open skin on my arms! Oh well maybe next time!


Overall I had a beautiful and relaxing day in the Park. I fully recommend taking a break from all the hiking in the Falls and enjoying few hours in this incredible place.

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