Ciudad del Este

by annamarisax

Ciudad del Este, the second biggest city of Paraguay…

One day at Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. As you can see my dear readers I don’t limit myself to luxury, comfortable travels I also took a chance to do an adventures trip to one of the most dangerous cities in South America. Ciudad del Este is the second largest city in Paraguay and capital of the Alto ParanĂĄ Department, situated on the ParanĂĄ River.

This photo presents the border entrance from the Brazilian side. As you can see you are not allowed to bring these prohibited articles such as guns, drugs and etc into the country.

So far so good… we first had to cross a very long bridge that took us to straight to the city.

So far it looks good , not much of a difference from Brasil, but as you go further it changes dramatically

You would start seeing people trading everything they can on the streets.

From suit cases to mobile phone covers, selfie sticks, balls , hats etc

We had lunch in the most famous shopping mal of the city

It was also the only safe place apparently for us to eat. Sushi costed me about 40 Euros per person.

The view from the restaurant over center of Ciudad del Este

Driving on the way back. Its is not recommended for turists to take walks around. You would have trades all over you.

Overall I recommend spending only few hours in the city if you would like to have an adventure and see totally different environment but stay safe, preferably in the same taxi and go to only secured places.

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polgocit 16 April 2018 - 20 h 05 min

Bylem tam dawno temu jako dzieciak 🙂 1993 na mojej stronki mam tylko jedne zdjecie kolo pilek, i widze na twojej stronki ze po tyle latach jeszcze dalej tych pilek tam sprzedaja 🙂


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