Jacaranda Diani

by annamarisax

4 days at Jacaranda Diani beach resort

In this post I would like to take you to the exotic country of the adventure; Kenya. On top of the post you can also check out the videos about my stay :


Along with my lovely family I spent here eight amazing days. First four in the beautiful and relaxing Jacaranda Diani beach resort and the following four on the exciting safari trips exploring Tsavo East, Tsavo West and Amboseli National Parks, as well as sleeping in the middle of the wild in different lodges.

Waking up to this view after a really long flight and bumpy, dusty late night road from Mombasa airport makes it definitely worth that sacrifice. Really, the very first experience of driving on the sandy road from Mombasa airport leading to the Likoni Ferry station to then cross the Bay and continue driving south all the way to Diani beach is definitely a new and shocking experience. Despite the fact I have travelled to so many third world countries and even lived in one I cannot compare Kenya to any of them. It was a late night once we landed yet the poverty hit me straight away. The small, cottages made of sheet tins, metal parts and wheels namely any weird objects that could bring the constructions together are home to majority of population here. Few people were still out on the streets, mainly man. They were sitting in front of the houses staring in the darkness in front of them, occasionally children playing with abandoned car parts and one woman. She was probably in her late twenties, wore a long colourful skirt, short top, flower print scarf and a fashionable bag. Yes, a bag that clearly stood out from the modest outfit as I later found out, the bag is what makes women here proud; it’s a symbol of independence. A woman with a handbag at the streets of Mombasa means she has position and a job. I know this description doesn’t necessarily go with this amazing careless view I had from my hotel bedroom yet the first three hours spent in Kenya delivered me such a strong set of emotions and the long-awaited feeling of discovery of the unknown that I thought was unelectable I share it.

We spent our first few days relaxing on the beautiful Diani beach exclusive to Jacaranda resort. It is probably a very good idea to try to choose a hotel that has guarded beach. In that way you have the freedom from local traders who tend to be quite aggressive, especially when rejected. If you like what they have in offer or simply want to help up some people you would need to walk down to them. It is a very good system I believe.

Also the resort’s beach was super quite and relaxing. Drinks, fresh juices, hot meals and beverages were offered by the resort upon request and delivered by very warm and lovely beach bar stuff.

My recommendations for the drinks are Mango smoothies. They are fresh and super yummy –especially in the season. Kenyan cuisine is quite interesting actually. I was worried that my choices as pure vegetarian (no meat, fish and raw eggs) will be limited. To my surprise there were a lot of Indian meals and snacks available through my whole journey around Kenya. As I learnt later on, a lot of Indians migrated to Kenya attracted by its works resources. They enriched this African country in their exotic, spicy specialities. Second most popular cuisine found in tourist places here is Italian, namely pasta with tomato sauce. It’s a main dish that saves vegetarians all over the World. British breakfast is always available to those who enjoy it. As far as traditional Kenyan cuisine is concerned I cannot give much opinion about it as it mainly consists of meats and special very simple grains similar to cous cous and normal grilled vegetables. Overall the food here is fresh, tasty, well spiced, exotic and filling. Never had any health issues even after eating outside of the hotels. But do it at your own risk and not in the first few days of your stay. Your body defence systems take time to adjust to new bacterial flora.

Every time I went to the bar to ask for a local Kenyan drink I didn’t get any interesting response. They just love serving imported alcohol there as if they were proud of having it in the offers. However, later on during my safari trip, in one of the lodges I finally had a chance to try the local red wine. It was worth waiting for I swear; very rich in taste, delicious with wooden hints and fruity aftertaste, simply amazing!

Hotel’s Preparation for the Valentines Day <3

These local traders come to the hotel every an hour then to try to sell all kinds of souvenirs. All of them have families that live very far away, usually in land. Traders come here to have better prospects to provide for their big families.

Traders come here to have better prospects to provide for their big families.

Our Valentine’s Day in Jacaranda beach resort was unforgettable. The bouffe was moved outside and dinners were served at the decorated tables. The atmosphere was lovely.

Apart of that the Animation team prepared very impressive fire show. The performance was taking place as the guests were eating. After dinner they grabbed us to dance along to the beats of African drums and exotic music. Then I was learning some traditional Kenyan dances and how to twerk.

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