Amboseli Masai village and Safari trip

by annamarisax

My visit at the Masai Village in Amboseli and my safari trip

During my stay in Kenya I had that amazing experience of taking part in a safari trip and to also visit a typical kenyan village !

You can have a look at my two vlogs and below see my blog post !

Beautiful day with beautiful people..

We were welcomed very warmly by the Masai

I became friends with the girl my age very quickly!

Man and women are separated in most of the village activities. This picture presents man showing an old Masai tradition of jumping. The one who can jump the highest is known to be the strongest and most respected in the village.

John was explaining me the significance of the tattoos all Masai man have on both of their cheeks.

John is the leader of the hunting that makes him the representative of the man. He welcomed me to the village.

The villagers

Three young Masai man in front of the village. Men are responsible to provide food, namely meat (hunt) and to protect the villagers from the wild animals. Only Masai man can speak English, therefore they also take care of any public relations and tourists.

James “the son of the Doctor”

James’s starting a fire in a traditional Masai way – without the use of matches or lighter

The Masai women have a lot of responsibilities over their shoulders, much more than men. They basically take care of all the rest; maintain the village, cook , clean, bring wood for the fire, they even have to build their own clay house after they get married.

Masai men are allowed to have as many wives as they can afford to support says James.

They were all very happy and friendly while talking to me. James even said he would have trade all the animals he has to marry me.

Unfortunately I don’t think I would make a good Masai women and had to turn down his offer.

Also I don’t think I would fit into this kind of modest lifestyle. This women just had her fifth baby. Two of them already died…

To improve their living standards Masai try to sell “hand-made” crafts to the tourists (in fact they are made in the huge factories)…

I bought few original leather bracelets

Masai’s hand-made bracelet

I don’t know about you feeling about the picture guys. But as you have probably already noticed I didn’t write anywhere who takes care of the children. In the Masai tradition actually older children take care of the younger. As soon as they learn how to walk adults leave them to themselves. The strongest children survive and the rest are subject to their own destiny.

If a child survives until six without any severe illnesses it is taken under consideration and starts education in the village school.

These children can spell alphabet both in Kenyan and English

These children are truly blessed to be able to access education so that one day they can become successful as tourist guides or even doctors or business owners.

Overall my feelings of this experience were very mixed. From one site it was very hard to believe that some people still live so down to earth in some part of Kenya. However on the other hand some man had brand new cell phones and a great knowledge about economy and the current Worlds when asked about it they say it all due to the education. But I guess only God knows and has answers to all these doubts.

The end.

Text & Editorial Author: Anna Marisax
Photography: Mateusz Wasikiewicz

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Harbinder Singh 24 October 2018 - 16 h 21 min

Dear Anna Marisax
I saw you on you tube I liked you and your video very much. You are very beautifully. I am from India


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