About Me

Let me take You to explore the “Beauty of Our World”  through this unique travel blog that combines both luxury lifestyle as well as adventures cultural travels and fitness inspirations.


“Never give up what you really wanted to achieve ,man with great dreams is much  stronger than the one who is just a realist”  Anna Marisax


This was a favourite saying of young Anna Marisax.

Anna Marisax (26) was born on January 8th 1991 in Krakow, Poland. She is an entrepreneur, lawyer, writer, fitness model and social media influencer.





 “Beauty of Our World” is recognised and appreciated by many other travel bloggers, fitness personalities and social media celebrities. It is said to inspire, make you focus on your dreams and gives excellent reviews of the travel destinations written in a very detailed manner by a professional writer.


*All the information included in this article are just a summary of the main activities for more info contact fitnessmarisax@gmail.com