Cataratas del IguazĂş

by annamarisax

The wonders of the Iguazu falls in the argentinian side…

Iguazu Falls situated in IguazĂş National Park, in the province of Misiones, Argentina was voted as one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World. It comes from IguazĂş river that has its source in ParanĂĄ state in Brazil. The river runs smoothfor about 1,200 km, until it reaches the 80 m canyon in the Devil’s Throat.

This post presents my day visiting the Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls, Cataratas del Iguazú in Spanish.

We started our journey with water rafting trip. Videos from the boat will be added in the link below. Overall it was a fun and crazy experience at the same time. Boat was taking us as close as you can possibly get next to the gigantic waterfalls. The thunder sound and strongly falling water were definitely giving me excitement and thrill. Taking a boat trip is not an option for those who don’t like to get wet. You will be done soaking wet!

This is the view-point where the boats have dropped us off. Some people were changing after the trip but I didn’t have any spare clothes so I just let the sun take care of me as I was exploring the nature.

The view at the waterfalls from the side is one of my favorite. I spent at least 30 minutes just admiring this view. Which is probably not the best idea if you only have one day for each side.

There are more than 270 falls in an area where cliffs and islets are scattered in a half-moon.

From the visitors center you can walk around trails or in a picturesque train. There are two basic circuits: an upper path and a lower path.

We decided to first follow the lower path that leads to the base of the Iguazu Falls. In some parts of this path, especially close to the waterfalls, I was experiencing the spray moistening my skin. It was a really amazing feeling,  worth daring the adventure.

In this circuit you may also take a boat to Isla San Martín. From the upper path you have panoramic views from the footbridge.  It is an unforgettable experience.

Apart from waterfalls, the jungle offers a serie of alternatives in a dump but slightly fresher environment with a wide variety of animals and plants.

Almost 500 species of wild fowl, 80 species of mammals and an immense variety of reptiles, fish, insects and butterflies live in this ecosystem.

After exploring the lowest parts of the Canyon we stopped for lunch in one of the stations. There were Subway sandwiches and lots of other hot snacks to choose from.

Be aware of the Coati Animals, they just love to steal food. You can find plenty of them around the food station. They look sweet but trust me when they smell food they can become pretty aggressive.

After lunch we decided to head off the Upper path and Devil’s Throat. We jumped on the special train that took us to the upper part of the river.

Leaving from Cataratas station, just before the long footbridge starts there is a little lovely butterfly spot.

You will be able to take photos with lots of butterflies of all kinds.

It is really an incredible feeling to be surrounded by hundreds of butterflies who are not scared at all and also love posing to pictures. I really felt like fairytales do exist.

To get to the biggest fall, the Devils Throat, we had to take a nearly mile long bridge, built above the river.

I really started to wonder how people were able to create this bride above such a strong and fast flowing river…

The scenery on the way is spectacular!

We were even lucky to see one of the water turtles.

The walk really seemed to last forever.  We did not expect it to be that long.

However each sight was unique and was surprising me every time

Finally, reaching the biggest waterfall. The water was already starting to move way faster at this point. I felt like it is better to hold the barriers tighter.

And finally the view from the balcony. Really keeps your heart beating faster!

The waterfalls of the Brazilian side. As you can see there is a small house on the right of the side it is the last brazilian side view-point. We went there few days ago, before taking a bus back to the base. It seems so distant now, impossible to reach!

Four elements in one photo: water, ether, earth and air.

Posing with the falls.

Incredible force of nature

Could not stop thinking that I would not want to fall in there haha

After experiencing the Devils Throat we had to walk back to the train station

The way back was the same that we came

After taking a train back to the upper part we did the last and probably the most beautiful of our paths. The hiking overlooking the Bossetti Falls.

Jungle on the upper path

The Bossetti Falls


The last path we did that day took us about 45 minutes. However it was already getting late and we literally had the guard following us the whole way.

We were lucky that we got it just before the closing

Taking quick pictures before we had to head back

Breathtaking view at my feet

The end of the path and the last view points

Overall my whole experience of visiting Foz de Iguazu on the Argentinian side was incredible. The views were breathtaking, jungle was more humid and wild on the brazilian side. There was just way more to explore and see than on the Brazilian part. I really recommend visiting it, you will have an unforgettable experience. If you  have any questions related to this travel feel free to contact me and I would be happy to advise you. Anna Marisax with Love


text and editing: Anna Marisax

nature& lifestyle photography: Anna Marisax

photography of blogger Anna Marisax: Andre Figueiras

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